It's Time to Replace Your Old Floors

Turn to us for flooring replacement services in Independence, KY

Do your hardwood floors look worn and discolored? Has your vinyl or linoleum flooring started to wrinkle or curl? It sounds like it's time for flooring replacement services.

Hayden Hardwood Flooring offers total floor replacements in Independence, KY. We have access to various flooring styles and will help you find the right option for every room in your home. With our expert installation services, your floors will look new and beautiful for years to come.

Get in touch with us now to schedule a total floor replacement in Independence, KY.

Better flooring starts here

Dull, discolored or dingy flooring can seriously affect the look and feel of your home's interior. If your floors have seen better days, turn to Hayden Hardwood Flooring for flooring replacement services. We can rip out your old floors and replace them with...

  • Vinyl floors that can withstand moisture and water
  • Tile floors that easily hold up to wear and tear
  • Hardwood floors that offer a timeless look

We can even sand your old wood flooring and apply a topcoat if necessary. Get the flooring you want by calling 859-496-3602 today.

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